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Hello there, my name is Agi Gault.

So why, in these difficult times, should you invest in an independent person like me? 

With over 20 years in child protection work I have always been aware of the ever shrinking budget and resources facing an ever increasing demand. 

I want to support organisations and individuals facing these challenges to maintain best practice for the children, families and vulnerable people they are in service to. By facilitating them to utilise the best resources they have, which is themselves. Creating a healthy workforce is reducing the risk of burnout and increasing creative and innovative practice in ways that fit with the purpose of their organisation, team or role.

At every point in my career I have ensured that practice development and reflection have been core elements in what I do. I believe that the experience of the service recipient is a critical teacher in the field of child protection.

As a field worker and a leader, I have ensured that I have created a reflective and innovative environment where my team can work creatively and flexibly. 

As well as Child Protection, I am passionate about the experiences of children who grow up in corporate or non family care, I hope one day we will have a society that does not accept that care leavers generally do less well in adult life and cannot have healthy relationships with their birth families. I aim to promote greater understanding around the importance of belonging and the need for children in care to have life long connections to their families.

My work is not restricted to Children's Services I am willing to work with any organisation that wants to improve and grow their staff support or even develop safeguarding policies for their clients and customers.

I am the author of The Third Space, for more information check the link!

Holding Hands

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Refocusing Child Services Intervention


My Services

I offer an extensive range of services and can work face to face or remotely using secure video conferencing.  Let me know if you have any questions or special requests.


How do you keep a traumatised team working effectively, focusing on the client, whilst managing the impact on everyone involved?

During this unprecedented time, key workers are experiencing exceptional work pressures. I can offer dedicated 1-2-1 reflective supervision to support individual to process their experiences and devise strategies to keep them as emotionally safe as they can be.

Individual and Group Supervision

For practitioners employed in organisations as well as independent workers

Reflective and clinical supervision for practitioners, managers, senior leaders, teams and groups.  As an experienced and independent reflective supervisor I can support you think through your priorities and areas where you just feel stuck. Offering challenge whilst retaining your autonomy and decision making, complete confidentiality is assured.

Licensed Signs Of Safety Consultant and Trainer

As a licensed Signs Of Safety Consultant and Trainer I can assist practitioners and agencies to learn and implement the Signs of Safety Approach. For more information go to www.signsofsafety.net

Complex Case Consultancy

Facilitation for single and multi agency teams to think their way into and through complex cases, benefitting from an independent experienced facilitator.

Residential Childrens Homes and Care Leaver Consultation

This is a particular area of specialism for me, providing support to facilitate teams to be the best care family they can be and work together for care leavers ensuring they have the best post care support system possible.

Independent Reviewing Officer

With several years as an Independent Reviewing Manager (IRO), I can step in to cover but am more than willing to work longer term with a child or young person to provide continuity.

Child Protection Conference Chairing

With extensive experience and specialised know-how. I have a family friendly inclusive approach to the role of conference chair

Local Authority Designated Officer

With several years LADO experience I can step in as a locum  when the need arises.

Resolutions Approach to  Family Assessment

The Resolutions Approach was developed to provide risk assessments regarding the viability of rehabilitation where parental denial is a feature and the court makes a finding that the parents are in the pool of perpetuators

Working alone or with a colleague and benefitting from many years of assessment work, complex family assessments can be undertaken using the Resolutions Approach.

Tattoo Studio Safeguarding awareness and policy development

Develop an informed Safeguarding Policy for your studio

Having a tattoo is not just a permanent statement on your clients body. It is an intimate time, often with someone you do not know, this workshop talks about, vulnerability, triggers and trauma response.
Raise your reputation as a safe artist. A workshop that aims to inform artists about vulnerabilities and the impact of trauma, create an emotional and physical safety policy to assure your clients they are in safe hands in your studio.

If what you are after is not on the list, just ask!


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